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Carol Finger on her then three-year-old Lusitano filly, Xara Princesa April's winner: War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. wants to congratulate Carol Finger, who is the latest winner of our book contest. Her prize is an autographed copy of Decision for Disaster: Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs and a Bay of Pigs invasion commemorative T-shirt.

She and her husband, Darren, live in the mountains, northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Carol says, "Our "kids" are our horses. Xara Princesa, a coming 4- year-old, bay, *Lusitano mare, and Dorado Montana, a black, 10-month-old *Azteca colt, are the pride and joy of our lives. We look forward to mountain trail riding and camping with them in the future. I'm interested in dressage and working equitation, and plan to focus, with my equine partner, Xara Princesa, on those disciplines as she matures."

Carole and She and her husband, Darren Carol went on to say, "When I told Darren about winning the contest, his comment was that it was a conspiracy, as Carols have won back to back. Ha!"

Carol's other favorite pastime is reading.

"I am eager to get my hands on Decision for Disaster." Carol said. "Thanks so much for running the contest!"

Photo one: Carol Finger pictured here on her then three-year-old *Lusitano filly, Xara Princesa, taken last fall. It was Xara’s very first ride outside of an arena and only the fifth time with a rider on her back.
Photo two: War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. book contest winner Carol Finger and her husband, Darren. Pic credits: Carol Finger

Carole and Partidario performing Doma VaqueraFebruary's winner: Carole Lawrence, is an avid horsewoman from St. John, AZ. An Andalusian horse owner and former Andalusian breeder, Carole spent five years on the International Andalusian and Lusitano (IALHA) board of director and two years on the IALHA National Horse Show Committee.

Carole is the Mother of four and Grandmother of "several" as she puts it. She is retired from the coal-fired electric power plant, where she once held the position of control operator. So far, Carole is the first, and only, woman to hold that position for that company.

Carole's recent equestrian activities include taking up the sport of combined driving and Doma Vaquera with her horse, Partidario.

Photo caption: Carole and Partidario performing Doma Vaquera.

cynthia Jones Our first winner: Congratulations to Cynthia Jones, who won an autographed copy of Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs by Grayston L. Lynch. Cynthia's was our first entry in our first contest and, as luck would have it, our first winner. Please visit Cynthia at her wonderful website, where her Giving Word program is dedicated to encouraging writing, while raising awareness for literacy, for those deprived and denied learning, education and teachers; providing resources for reading and writing. The world is a better place for people like Cynthia.

"It was such a pleasure to be a contest winner and to receive a signed copy of Decision for Disaster. With creating my site Giving Words I am able to continue my efforts in promoting literacy, raise awareness to the problems caused by the lack of litercy and encourage others to do the same while we strive to better the net. When I am off line I enjoy books, writing, music, camping, gardening, creating art with paint, sketching, photography and craft projects. I also try to volunteer when and where I can in my community."

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