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Because War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. has found its current and past winners to be such interesting people, we have decided to archive their pictures and biographies for new visitors to view. We consider it an honor that our visitors take the time to enter our contests and want to celebrate their win with more than just a hello and a good-bye. They are a fine example of the type of visitors our website attracts, and hopes to continue to attract in the future. Do enter our contest, so that you may join the ranks of these fine people.

July's winner: Congratulations Sam Walton Mr. Walton is the winner of this month's Book Contest and an autographed copy of The Game of Lies. With respect to Mr. Walton's wishes, there will be no winner's biography published this Contest. We wish to thank everyone for entering our Contest and encourage them to enter again.

Sandra MacKay April's winner: War of Wits Publishing Ltd. would like to announce the winner of our latest Book Contest, Sandra MacKay. Sandra is a writer/artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia, making her our second international winner in a row. She has painted in acrylics for over 20 years in various genres, and has a Fine Arts Diploma from Langara College and a BA in art history from the University of British Columbia. Sandra writes under the pen name 'Sandra Yuen MacKay' and has been published in Front Magazine, The Bulletin and The Prairie Journal, as well as several online publications.

Sandra will receive autographed copies of Grayston L. Lynch's book Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs and a copy of the November 2007 issue of Military History Magazine containing Lynch's article Cuban Nightmare. Sandra says that she is very pleased to have won this contest and would like to thank War of Wits Publishing, Ltd. for the prize.

Cleveland W. Gibson December's winner: We would like to introduce our latest Contest winner, and our first international winner, Cleveland W. Gibson. Cleveland is a new writer who lives in the United Kingdom, but whose work spans many genres with publications around the world.

Some of his work is showcased on, and his Bad Character is featured in the classic horror tale The Whimsy by R. D. Larson, the twice EPPE finalist, on Bewildering Stories.

Cleveland says his book Moondust represents his first short story collection of fast-paced modern tales, which, he says, stretches the borders of our imagination as they deliver, with always that final twist, the essence of drama in the surreal vein. In Moondust, read about the best spy ever.

"Don't be fooled when things appear normal," Cleveland says. "They seldom stay that way."

Cleveland's next writing project is Billabongo.

Now, he says, he is looking forward to reading The Game of Lies to see how others handle the fascinating life of a master spy.

Note: Cleveland, you are about to meet "...the best spy ever." in the person of Alanna Reynolds in The Game of Lies. Congratulations on your win, and we wish you good reading.

Clarisa Rivera October's winner: Our book contest winner this month is Clarisa Rivera. Clarisa is a native Texan from Alice, Texas. She is married to Carlos R. Rivera, who is a full time student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University currently working on an essay about the Bay of Pigs events. They have been married 3 years and live in Canyon Lake, TX. She enjoys visiting the island of Puerto Rico very much and visiting the beautiful sites such as the old Spanish Forts, the tropical rainforest and bioluminescent bay located southwest of the island. She also loves the culinary arts and can cook awesome Mexican dishes.

Clarisa also serves as a Senior Beauty Advisor for a major pharmacy national franchise and enjoys jewelry making in her spare time.

A message from Clarisa:

"Mr. Lynch, thank you for signing my copy of your book. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for your honorable service to our great nation and for representing the courage and bravery of many Texans that have sacrificed much for the benefit of the state and the United States of America"

August's winner: Our book contest winner this month is Pat Sherman. Married for 48 years, Pat and her husband, Gene, have six children, eighteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren with two more on the way. The Shermans live in Conneaut, Ohio, which is located east of Cleveland on beautiful Lake Eire. Pat says she loves living near the lake.

pyrographic work by Pat Sherman Pat's main job is being a caregiver to her disabled husband. But, she is also a talented woodcarver and woodburner, who has won numerous awards and been featured in Carving Magazine. Some of her stunning work is displayed on this page. More samples of her work can be found at PhotoBucket.

In her youth, Pat liked to show her horses, mostly in barrel racing competitions, and ride her motorcycle. She has had a variety of interesting jobs over her lifetime, including working in factories, driving a school bus, and a semi truck for several years, then she hauled an Amish crew until she retired to care for her husband and work at her art. For the record, Pat says that the best job she’s ever had was driving that semi truck.

Beside her love of carving and woodburning, Pat still enjoys the feel of the wind in her face as she speeds down the road on her motor scooter, and, of course, to read.

We are happy to welcome Pat to our winners club, and to send her an autographed copy of The Game of Lies, and her very own "Beware the Female Spy" mug. That mug will come in handy next winter for sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire. Especially, when that cold north wind blows across the Lake Eire and the snow is to the windowsills. Congratulations, Pat!

Above right: Pat Sherman - Left: Pat's woodburning of a Kieger Mustang
I just wanted you to know I finished reading my contest prize, your spy novel, The Game of Lies. I loved the book. It was the best spy novel I have read in years, hard to put down and very well written. I did so enjoy it.

As for my other prize, the mug, it's in my hand right now, with my morning coffee in it. I love the phrase on it "...Beware the Female Spy". That's as close as I can get to being a spy. I've already passed the word on The Game of Lies and shown the mug to everyone, thanks so very, very much. - Pat

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